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Ingate Interim and Consulting

governance expertise and organisational solutions

Contact us and Privacy

Contact Us

Ingate Interim and Consulting is not actively trading at present.

For more information about Ingate Interim and Consulting please contact Kristina Ingate, Director, at [email protected] 


Your contact information will only be used to respond to your enquiry and will not be passed on to third parties.

The basis on which your personal information is provided to Ingate Interim and Consulting Limited is to respond to your business enquiry, and any ongoing provision of business services and development of the business relationship between us. Ingate Interim and Consulting does not maintain a mailing list.

Your personal data will be updated or deleted at your request at any time.

Credits: the pictures on this site are from unsplash

Ingate Interim and Consulting Limited Registered in England and Wales No. 6831379

Registered office 82 St John Street London EC1M 4JN