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Ingate Interim and Consulting

governance expertise and organisational solutions


IngateIC provides corporate governance, company secretarial and corporate change interim management solutions. We are not actively trading at present. For enquiries see our contact page.

Aims and Values

  • To provide organisations with independent expertise and experience to deliver solutions, assisting senior management to achieving results.
  • To work at a level which demonstrates awareness of the organisation's strategic goals and big picture, whilst ensuring project attention to detail.
  • To provide a professional corporate governance and company secretarial service with integrity, a professional mindset and multi-disciplinary knowledge .
  • To support the client organisation in making corporate change and ensuring that the organisation is sustainable and resilient

Diversity Statement

IngateIC values diversity in people and seeks to enable all people to benefit to the full from the opportunities available in all the workplaces in which IngateIC provides services.